Deposit Drop Safes

Ardel manufacture deposit drop safes that can accommodate bulky deposits such as coin bags, small parcels, wallets etc.

For cash downloads where envelopes can be utilised, deposits slots with anti fish baffle plates are a practical and low cost answer to reducing the risk of large losses.
Most of the Ardel safe models may be fitted with a slot & baffle arrangement.

Hopper Drop Safe
Inerceptor 1750

Hopper Drop Safe

This safe is fitted with a hinged, counterbalanced hopper located either in the front of the safe for same side operation, or in the rear of the safe where items are deposited through an aperture in a wall or barrier. In such cases, the safe comes with an attractive acrylic shroud designed to fit into the wall opening during installation of the safe.
Custom A4 with slot & baffle
Custom A4

Custom A4 with slot and baffle

This solid safe contains a slot and baffle which accomodates small envelopes. It is designed for use in retail operations, and any situation where cash downloads are neccessary. A standard slot size in the steel walled Custom safes is 120mm long by 16mm wide.
Fire Resistant Security Safe with Deposit Slot
Fire Resistant Security Safe

Fire Resistant Security Safe with Deposit Slot

This safe contains a slot and baffle arrangement. There is a time-delay electronic lock fitted for increased security.

All Safe Models available with key combination


Our Guarantee

All Ardel products carry a 5 year warranty against faulty material or workmanship. Locks carry a 12 month warranty. This warranty excludes any damage arising from transportation or misuse of the safe.