In-Floor Security Safes

Ardel In-floor safes offer excellent security against theft and fire. When properly installed the safe may be effectively concealed, virtually fire proof, and highly theft resistant. These safes may be installed into either concrete or wooden floors.

The Hunter series have a non-removable, hinged door, while the “D” Series models have a removable door. The Executive Safe range offer additional security via a unique safe-in-safe arrangement. Security details of this safe will be explained upon request.

Hunter models
Hunte Series Infloor Safes

Hunter Models:

The Hunter range of security safes have a non removable door that pivots on concealed hinge pins. These safes come standard with bar locking and relocking. When properly installed with a homogeneous concrete surround, the safe provides a highly fire and theft resistant depository in the home, or business.

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D Series models
D Series models

D Series Models:

The “D” Series models have a fully removable door, allowing greater access into the safe. Models having 200mm square door and larger, have bar locking and relocking features as standard. Locks are either key or combination locking.

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Executive Safe-in-Safe
Inerceptor 1750

Executive Safe in Safe:

These safes are unique to the Ardel range, and offer an addditional concealed, high security, key locked depository directly below the main safe chamber. The safe-in-safe concept offers a high level of cost effective security. Further security features may be discussed upon request.

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Ardel In-Floor Safes are manufactured with the following general features:


Our Guarantee

All Ardel products carry a 5 year warranty against faulty material or workmanship. Locks carry a 12 month warranty. This warranty excludes any damage arising from transportation or misuse of the safe.