Rifle Safes

Ardel manufacture two rifle safe models for storage of long arm weapons.
Model 1 can accommodate up to three rifles. Model 2 can accommodate up to 6 rifles.

Both models conform to Level 2, Categories C & D criteria. A second, key locking compartment is situated internally above the main storage chamber. Models come with a choice of key, combination or electronic locking. The cabinet bodies are of pressed formed and welded construction from 3mm thick steel. There is a 6mm thick steel plate door hinged externally and having 3 point locking. The door is deadlocked via a full length dog bar located on the inside of the safe door on the hinged side. Larger cabinets can be manufactured to customer specifications.

Model 1
3 Rifle Safe

Model 1:

This safe can store up to three long arm weapons.

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Model 2
6 Rifle Safe

Model 2:

This safe can store up to 6 long arm weapons

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Our Guarantee

All Ardel products carry a 5 year warranty against faulty material or workmanship. Locks carry a 12 month warranty. This warranty excludes any damage arising from transportation or misuse of the safe.