Special Custom Safes

Special Custom Safe category safes provide safes and cabinets manufactured for specific requirements.
Call our safe experts to design and build a safe that will meet all of your security needs. Custom safes can be desiged and manufactured to meet all your cash handling, special security and space requirements. Ardel can design and manufacture specialty products and modify products for size and form.


Till Float Safe
120kg Block Safe

Till Float Safes

This purpose built cabinet was designed to hold numerous till floats for a large sporting club.
There were also facility for holding 60 sets of keys.
Drug Safe
Drug Safes

Drug Safe:

Ardel can manufacture fully compliant drug safes to customer requirements.
Physical size, hole placement, shelving arrangement and lock type are typical options that can be incorporated into custom built safes.

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High Capacity Deposit Safe
Pandora High Capacity Deposit Safe

High Capacity Deposit Safe:

This purpose built safe has divided chamber, each side served by a counter balanced pivoting hopper for coin bags. There is a central slot for depositing cash envelopes.

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Cash Deposit Drop Safe
Sumo Deposit Safe

Cash Deposit Drop Safe:

Cash envelopes are deposited into an internal lockable treasury via drawer.
There is sufficient room under lockable internal treasury for storage of cash boxes or till float/s.

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Through Wall Deposit Safe
Customer Specific Cabinet

Through Wall Deposit Safe:

This purpose built safe was designed to enable cash deposits to be made via a pivoting hopper from an adjacent room or designated area.
The hopper mechanism fits through a wall aperture, the safe being secured behind the wall or barrier.

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Dual Chamber Safe
Customer Specific Cabinet

Dual Chamber Safe:

Both safe chambers served by electronic digital lock.The lower chamber has a time delay lock.

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All Safe Models available with key combination


Our Guarantee

All Ardel products carry a 5 year warranty against faulty material or workmanship. Locks carry a 12 month warranty. This warranty excludes any damage arising from transportation or misuse of the safe.